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Re: [OVERHAUL - USES HYPERSPACE] FTL: MULTIVERSE Version 3.11.2 [The Equipment Update Part 2 (+Hotfix)]

Posted: Thu Oct 08, 2020 3:29 am
by TheMultiverseTeam
Combat drone bug was reported on the discord a while ago, should be fixed for 3.12 when that releases.
And yeah, that slug super weapon sure is amazing.

Re: [OVERHAUL - USES HYPERSPACE] FTL: MULTIVERSE Version 3.12 [The ??? Update]

Posted: Sat Oct 10, 2020 1:14 am
by TheMultiverseTeam
3.12? 3.12...

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Added the six-legged brightly colored horse-like aliens.

The rebel stronghold guard now spawns with only soldiers, like other MFK Ace ships.

The greatest change a mod has ever made: removed the clone gas so you can ACTUALLY SEE THE CLONING ANIMATIONS. Did you know that vanilla has animations when crew got cloned? No? Well they do, but you can never see it. Now you can!

The detective now does extra system damage to compensate for his high reload speed.

Spider C now starts with a horseoid.

Increased the doctor drone heal rate.

Increased score bonus in the pacifist ending.


Fixed some tpyos.

Fixed the Hellraiser fire toggle still saying anti-hull mode.

Fixed the MV fighter having a missing drone.

Fixed the loot compass not detecting the rebel transport.

Fixed the manager drone having the toggle tip.

Fixed MV B's missing anti-drone.

Fixed the Proto-Igniter triggering the autoreloader storage option.

Fixed the auto zoltan ship in separatist sectors spawning multiple times.

Fixed the doctor drone boarding mode spawning separately from the default.

Fixed Crystal Minelauncher pierce.

Re: [OVERHAUL - USES HYPERSPACE] FTL: MULTIVERSE Version 3.12 [The ??? Update]

Posted: Wed Oct 14, 2020 12:52 pm
by KMC
I'm trying to get this to run on a Mac using Wine with no luck. It freezes on the multiverse loading screen when booting. Regular FTL.exe and one with hyperspace (or various other mods I've tried, e.g. Arsenal) work with no problem, but Multiverse always fails. I've tried older builds of multiverse but have the same problem. Any advice on how to fix this?

I have been having a good time playing this on my own Windows PC, but wanted to install it on my work Mac. This is a fantastic mod so it'll be sad if there's no fix, but I always have my desktop at home!

Re: [OVERHAUL - USES HYPERSPACE] FTL: MULTIVERSE Version 3.12 [The ??? Update]

Posted: Thu Oct 15, 2020 3:59 am
by TheMultiverseTeam
I believe this has been reported in the discord before, but I don't quite remember the issue (there's a lot of random issues, some related to hyperspace installation and some to OS or computer related issues, so it tends to be hard to remember which is which).
Some basic run of the land questions;
-When the game freezes, do you get any popups like "hyperspace.xml not found" or "wrong hyperspace version", or anything of that sort? Those would be issues of their own, but they appear in the loading screen and will freeze the game unless the pop-up or the game is closed.
-Is the game using a bunch of RAM? Multiverse tends to be a lot more resource intensive, and some people have issues with the game using too much RAM. I'm not entirely sure how Mac and Wine and stuff works, but if LAA (large address aware, its a third party program to make things able to use more RAM) is compatible with your OS and it is a RAM issue, you might want to try that
-Are you patching hyperspace.ftl? Make sure you aren't if using Multiverse too. (though that shouldn't be the cause to this)

Sorry if I respond to whatever your response might be late, I check the forums somewhat sporadically and I was just lucky to catch your question today. Glad you're enjoying the mod on your other computer though!

Re: [OVERHAUL - USES HYPERSPACE] FTL: MULTIVERSE Version 3.12 [The ??? Update]

Posted: Fri Oct 16, 2020 8:49 am
by KMC
Nope, unfortunately it's none of those things. It freezes when it gets to the S on loading, so it stops at 'Multivers'. I can get the 2.0 version to run, but it tells me hyperspace isn't installed correctly, so clearly I have more problems!

It's no problem, I'll try to fix it and if I do I'll post the answer here. Macs can be a pain, particularly since you have to use Wine to install hyperspace.

Re: [OVERHAUL - USES HYPERSPACE] FTL: MULTIVERSE Version 3.12.2 [The ??? Update, Part 2]

Posted: Wed Oct 21, 2020 3:51 am
by TheMultiverseTeam
3.12.2 Is out!

Big ol' changelog spoilers

Code: Select all



Added the Ancient Recovery Site.

Added the 3 Augmented Lanius Cruisers (officially, the type A was in the previously release as well as a small tease)

Added the Augmented Lanius and their ships.

Added a new Ancient auto-ship.

New Harmony Link beacons will always spawn in Engi sectors. They can be seen on the beacon map when adjacent to them.

Recon drone now uses 0 power.

Added new ancient augments.

Augmented cruiser A now starts with cloaking.

Ancient missiles now shoot 3 projectiles that 2 damage each. They also won't animate until towards the end of the charge animation.

Enemies will no longer use doctor drones.

Decreased the cost of dronepart crates.

Breach beam now pierces an additional shield layer.

Added a mind control blue option to the rebel escape pod destruction event.

Renamed the Transport Detector to Hijacked Frequencies and also made it reveal the location of reinforcements.

Decreased the cooldowns of the elemental flaks. (fire+electric+toxic)

Normal Orchid Elites can no longer use the elite chain kernel.

Reduced Devotee and Radical explosion damage.

Monk B can no logner get a free weapon at the start.

Orchid B has a normal chain kernal again.

Saying "I Don't Know" during the beacon of death crystal event no longer damages your hull.

Decreased Manager drone HP to 100.

Kamayari now starts at 2 damage but only increases by 1 damage now.

Renamed the Horseoids to Equinoids.


Fixed some tpyos.

Fixed overlapping systems on Monk A.

Fixed battle drones not being able to switch out of defensive mode.

Fixed the Shell lab not spawning (a bug which should have caused a crash too but didn't???)

Fixed the human clone cannon shooting 7 projectiles.

Decreased the cost of the engine upgrade pirate at the droppoint.

Fixed the Amp Energy doing system damage.

Fixed clansmen doing less damage instead of taking less damage.

Fixed Federation drone lists.

Fixed cultists and vortigon not triggering rock blue options.

Temporarily removed loot transport tooltips until hyperspace fixes them.

Fixed the combat 2 beam mode appearing in stores.

Fixed Orchid Chieftains giving scrap to upgrade the oxygen.

Fixed Hacker Cruiser drone power.

Fixed Dual Stunner glow.

Fixed the anti-missile guardian firing sounds.

Fixed MV B not being able to power its guardian 2 drone.

Fixed the Jerome Protecturate music.

Re: [OVERHAUL - USES HYPERSPACE] FTL: MULTIVERSE Version 3.12.2 [The ??? Update, Part 2]

Posted: Tue Oct 27, 2020 7:13 pm
by Mositron
The quest which brings you to the augmented lanius sector creates an infinite loop if you want, everytime you come to a store you can create a new quest which leads again to the augmented lanius sector.

Anyway i hate the augmented crew...i don´t like lanius either with the oxygen draining...but health draining on top of that!? Healing creates breaches which take so long to repair!? Urgh...
Otherwise as i often say, great update, you keep FTL alive for me, haven´t played this much since a long time. It´s a shame that on reddit still always CE got named first when someone asks about mods...

Re: [OVERHAUL - USES HYPERSPACE] FTL: MULTIVERSE Version 3.12.2 [The ??? Update, Part 2]

Posted: Tue Oct 27, 2020 9:08 pm
by TheMultiverseTeam
Yeah, the infinite loop is due to a hyperspace bug where hidden augments aren't removed properly. To fix this temporarily until hyperspace is updated, it'll just be a regular augment in 3.12.2.
The augmented are supposed to be fairly challenging but usefully niche (hence why they're only ever found in their one secret sector). I'd say oxygen draining is a big positive rather than a negative, but I guess it depends on your playstyle.
And yeah, its a shame CE is still forefront to other mods despite how old, buggy, and imbalanced it is. Eventually, it'll start to die out, the FTL wiki modding page and subset's own website's mod page have been updated, and the CE thread on the forums is buried, so I guess eventually it'll start to die out on Reddit.

Re: [OVERHAUL - USES HYPERSPACE] FTL: MULTIVERSE Version 3.12.3 [The ??? Update, Part 3]

Posted: Sun Nov 01, 2020 1:05 am
by TheMultiverseTeam
Version 3.12.3 is out!

Big Changelog Spoilers!

Code: Select all



Added 8 new Ancient Weapons

Added 4 new Ancient crew drones. (Mender, Director, Atom, ???)

Added 8 new Ancient ships and redid the existing ones.

Remade Ancient A, B and C.

Added Ancient Ruins, which can rarely spawn in certain sectors, and have several different events that occur.

Added Ancient Cognitive Crew. Ancient ships now ususally have 1 or 2 of these crew as well.

Gave Ancient weapons just the right kind of cringe sci-fi names they needed. You're welcome.

The Ancient Auto no longer gives the equalizer (can still be found in ancient stores however).

The slug blue option in the pony event now gives scrap and resources as well.

Increased mini flak cooldown.

MV Fighters now use a drone list rather than preset drones.

Improved the Ancient Beam and redid Ancient Focus sprite.

Modified the ancient missile and ion drone.

Modified the Ancient laser firing anim slightly.

Added the crew outline to Ancient Royals.


Fixed some tpyos.

The hibernating alien is now an augment rather than a hidden marker to prevent the bug where it doesnt get removed.

Fixed the doors on Zoltan A.

Fixed Augmented/Anointed not healing to full health with their ability.

Fixed the Crystalline Homeworlds and Civilian Coreworlds not using the right prompt.

Edited the Ancient events for new lore.

Fixed a couple events not having the unique tag.

Augmented Lanius no longer decay while in their buffed mode.

Fixed the gambling machine always giving the same result after using it again.

Fixed the Combat 2 Laser mode appearing in stores.

Fixed the shell hull laser again.

Fixed the Coalition Nyx using too much power.

Fixed ponies disappearing when shooting.

Enemy pierce lasers now cost 1 extra power.

Fixed the stop firing option in the infested station event not ending the fight.

Fixed the Augmented transport loot drop.

Fixed the Augmented guard weapon purchase.

Engi Virus event only spawns in the Engi Harmony now.

Fixed the Lost Sun Sekhmet Loot cooldown being too short.


Added no2 support for 1x4 rooms.

Added moreorlesser and felipmello to the name list.

Added the events_ruins event file.

Fixed the virus event blue option being triggered by all Engi types.

Changed the internal ID of the divine auto ship to SHIP_AUTO_DIVINE to prevent conflict with the new ancient auto ships.

Re: [OVERHAUL - USES HYPERSPACE] FTL: MULTIVERSE Version 3.12.3 + Hotfix [The ??? Update, Part 3]

Posted: Sun Nov 01, 2020 2:47 pm
by TheMultiverseTeam
Released a small but important hotfix;
Fixes MFK Aces having Ancient weapons, fixes the augmented sector from crashing, and fixes the missing door links on Engineer B.