[MOD] Custom Ships 0.6 beta UPDATE

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[MOD] Custom Ships 0.6 beta UPDATE

Postby turbonutter » Sun Oct 07, 2012 1:28 pm

Here is my 1st mod for FTL, which is a little rough and unfinished, but working.

The mod has now changed a bit, it replaces all the standard versions of the ships, the only loadout changed is the millenium falcon (this is a slight lie), i have more major issues than these tbh.

Millenium falcon has custom loadout starting with cloak and drones, and has 2 ions a burst laser iii, fire beam and 2 beam drones, crew is 2 humans and 2 zoltans.

Shp Replacements

Some are a little rough and some i will probably change, any suggestions welcome and feedback please.
Obviously shields need sorting but hell im happy i got this far so far.

Starbug - Fed a

Fed Shuttle - Zoltan a

Star Destroyer - Stealth a

Romulan - Rock a

Millenium Falcon - Kestrel Cruiser a

Death Star - Slug a

Klingon D7 or similar - Engi a

Klingon BOP - Mantis a

Er Big Federation ship dunno class - Crystal a

0.6 - trying to get ships more in correct style, new skin for star destroyer and bird of prey

Screenshot links


Fed Shuttle

Star Destroyer - old shot


Millenium Falcon

Death Star

Klingon D7 or similar

Klingon BOP - old shot

Er Big Federation ship dunno class


1. Download link below
2. Download grognaks mod manager - viewtopic.php?f=12&t=2464
3. Copy my flt file into mods folder in flt directory after installing mod manager
4. Run mod manager select my mod.
5. Run game



Loads to do, i hope someone enjoys this :)


more to come
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Re: [MOD] Millenium Falcon

Postby Kieve » Sun Oct 07, 2012 1:38 pm

Sounds intriguing but not much information to go on. Same weapons or different? Crew composition? Screenshot(s)?
Let folks know what they're downloading instead of just posting a link ;)
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Re: [MOD] Millenium Falcon

Postby Tjarrod » Sun Oct 07, 2012 2:50 pm

I've been wondering why I hadn't seen a Falcon mod yet.

If I could offer some advise based on your screen shot... Before you put a lot of time into fixing your room layout, you might want to fix your base image. The one you are using needs to be mirrored vertically as the cockpit appears to be on the wrong side of the the ship.

Best of luck, hope it turns out well!
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Re: [MOD] Millenium Falcon

Postby therunawaybros615 » Sun Oct 07, 2012 3:08 pm

turbonutter wrote:Here is my 1st mod for FTL, which is a little rough and unfinished, but working.

Millenium falcon replaces kestral, with custom cloak and a lil sketchy gibs, enjoy......

Custom loadout starting with cloak and drones, and has 2 ions a burst laser iii, fire beam and 2 beam drones, crew is 2 humans and 2 zoltans. yeah a but much but i will change it down next version

Screenshot link




I cant seem to get custom rooms working through either editor so i need to sort that out mainly.


more to come

I say that you did good work,but here's 2 problems.

1. The designs of the rooms don't match the actual falcon. The cockpit is at the wrong place.

2. The image of the ship if you hide the rooms needs to fit FTL's style of ships. It needs to be 2-bit, and it can't look like a copy-pasted photo unedited.

If you fix all of this, then MAYBE I'll consider downloading it.

Danke, TRB
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Re: All ships mod 0.1 beta

Postby ironwolf » Mon Oct 08, 2012 6:55 am

I'd love to give this mod a try but i can't figure out where to put it?
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Re: All ships mod 0.1 beta

Postby TheKillerNacho » Mon Oct 08, 2012 4:18 pm

A few things...

1. Screenshots?

2. Which ships do they replace?
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Re: [MOD] Custom Ships 0.6 beta UPDATE

Postby Damion227 » Tue Oct 09, 2012 5:56 am

This is dope,man. The only suggestion I have is that I'd love to be able to download these individually. Is this possible?
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Millenium Falcon

Postby POM_Fenris » Tue Oct 09, 2012 9:34 pm

Hi Turbonutter,
Great work so far on the mod, I am slightly jealous of your ability with this stuff :mrgreen: But it's all good. The only slight issue I have is this.

turbonutter wrote: Millennium falcon has custom load-out starting with cloak and drones, and has 2 ions a burst laser iii, fire beam and 2 beam drones, crew is 2 humans and 2 zoltans.

For one thing, this is a wildly OP starting load-out for any given ship, and for another, how the hell does the Falcon start with so many crew? I can understand this is probably a prototype, as it is your first mod after all, but I have a few suggestions on the Falcon load-out (because I have wanted to make a Falcon since the game's release):

Starting Weapons
- 2 x Dual Lasers

Starting Systems
- Oxygen I
- Bridge/Piloting II
- Engines III
- Cloak I
- Doors I
- Medbay II
- Weapons II
- Shields I (Note - This is not enough for the first layer of shield, so must be upgraded to II during play)
- NO Sensors
- NO Drone Control
- NO Teleporter
(Starting the 10 power bars in the reactor)

Starting Augments
- Long-Range Scanners
- Scrap Recovery Arm
But not both, as this would make it too powerful.

Starting Crew
- 1 x Human (Han Solo)
- 1 x Rockman (Chewbacca)

I also suggest updating the image to fit with FTL's block-colour low-detail graphics style and making the shield fit better to the shape of the Falcon. Also, please try to make the weapons be attached to the ship - it makes no sense that they float in space in front of the ship. But these are little graphical niggles, the main thing is balancing the load-out and matching it to the original ship - the Millennium Falcon was a smuggler ship, not a war-beast.

Thanks for reading my suggestions - I hope you take them on board and maybe even implement some/all of them. If I could see a balanced Falcon loadout like (or the same as) the out I have set out, you will have one more person to download your mod, and maybe even donate if you have a website or something. Keep up the good work, as I say, I wish I could make my own Falcon, but thus far you're doing a better job than I in actually putting it into the game.

Thanks, Fenris :D
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Re: [MOD] Custom Ships 0.6 beta UPDATE

Postby suron » Tue Oct 09, 2012 10:46 pm

great start but they all need tweaking...couple just as simple as re-aligning the ship image with rooms so they line up in the mid (for BoPrey for example..so the bridge/hall isn't offset and is in the middle) others need weapons moved..etc.

I haven't had time to delve into figuring out how to do custom ship mods (w/graphics) myself. Really want too though.

again great start....just needs some cleaning up :-D
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Re: [MOD] Custom Ships 0.6 beta UPDATE

Postby turbonutter » Wed Oct 10, 2012 2:06 pm

hey fenris I will change as u reccomend, also the mounts I have not even touched yet, maybe I'll do more tonight if I ain't playing eve

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