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[SHIP] One Hull Point Wonder

Posted: Sun Apr 09, 2017 2:17 am
by DizzyWaddleDoo
Do not buy any systems other than the Teleporter and Clonebay. Any other systems will not work and will just be a waste of scrap.

I was bored so I decided to make a ship that has only one hull point.

Replaces Lanius A
To compensate for having one hp, it starts with zoltan shields, long ranged scanners, a burst laser mk 1 and 2, a defense drone, and max engines.
At the moment the most I've playtested this ship is going through sector 1 a single time. I don't know if this is way too good even with the permanent 1 hp, or if has zero chance of ever beating the flagship, or somewhere in-between. I made in this in hurry *shrug*. If anyone would be willing to provide advice on balancing this, I'm open to it.

Known issues
  • 1x1 rooms have a bit of a visual bug when there's no oxygen in them, as you can see with the Lanius in the first picture.
  • The single empty room aboard this ship is only set to have a crew teleporter in it. Because of this, the only systems you should buy are the teleporter and the clonebay (which replaces the medbay of course). If you buy any of system from a shop, it will take your scrap but not actually do anything.
  • The miniship image for the ship selection screen is currently the exact same image used for the hull, so it's a bit too big. I didn't have the time to resize it. I'll probably fix this eventually.
  • The interior graphics for every system in a 1x1 room is currently the scrap symbol, since the normal ones don't fit and I had to use something for them.
  • Only has one gib, which is the same as the hull (since the hull is already one of the gibs from a lanius ship), so if it dies it doesn't break apart, just kinda drifts away.

Anyway, here's a download link: ... GNUWU83TVU

Re: [SHIP] One Hull Point Wonder

Posted: Thu Apr 20, 2017 11:33 pm
by I_am_person
Damn. I only have one way to describe this ship. It's like a roller coaster. Simultaneously the most terrifying and the most fun experience I had in this game.


Only on sector three so far, but lemme just say, no offense to all the other modders out there who put a lot of time and effort into their work, but this ship is surprisingly balanced and good for a 'rushed' ship. There's a certain enjoyment in taking a second thought before exploring that asteroid field, or remembering that when that boarder destroys that one system it's game over. I'll probably add to this when I finish the run.

EDIT 1: Don't ever scrap the max engines, by the way. I was really thankful when the jump drive let me get out of the hands of the rebel fleet before the first ASB shot showed up. I didn't realize how hard my butt was clenching.

EDIT 2: When you realize there are no ASBs...

Flagship EDIT 1:
Since you were worried about the flagship being a problem, I suppose I'll start again with this.
First stage: went pretty well. I think if you want to reliably win you would definitely either need two defense drones or a cloaking system but otherwise nothing much. I think it's a hard choice between the teleporter for an easy sweep of the flagship in later stages or cloaking for that reliable survival.

Flagship EDIT 2:
Yeah, definitely need those defense drones.

All in all, nice ship! Only thing I could think of adding is an anti-personnel drone to add to the "amazing equipment"

Re: [SHIP] One Hull Point Wonder

Posted: Wed Aug 09, 2017 4:12 am
by BrenTenkage

Re: [SHIP] One Hull Point Wonder

Posted: Fri Sep 15, 2017 7:11 am
by DizzyWaddleDoo
BrenTenkage wrote:

Well That was fun ^_^

A bit late here, but glad to see you liked it!