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[MOD] Enemy Weapons - Unpredictable for FTL 1.5.13

Posted: Mon Mar 03, 2014 8:57 am
by RAD-82
Requires Slipstream Mod Manager v1.2+

MediaFire Download Link 1.5.13

This mod creates two duplicate weapons of each weapon used by the enemies in vanilla FTL 1.5.13. These duplicates either increase or decrease the cooldown of the weapon by 1 second. Depending on the weapon combination of the enemy, encounters could be easier or harder. These weapons are unavailable to the player; rarity=0.

Example 1:
Enemy has an Ion Blast and a Heavy Laser. In vanilla, the Ion Blast will shoot a slow projectile at 8 seconds, followed by a shot from the Heavy Laser a second later. Since the Heavy Laser projectile moves faster than the Ion Blast, it manages to hit the shield before the Ion Blast. With this mod, the Ion Blast could charge faster, or the Heavy Laser could charge slower, allowing more time for the Ion Blast to hit your shield first and letting the Heavy Laser through.

Example 2:
Enemy has multiple missiles. You have a Defense Drone. In vanilla, if they are the same missile, your drone can only shoot down one. If they are different missiles, your drone has the chance to shoot them both. With this mod, the same missiles could have different fire rates, allowing your drone to shoot them both. If they are different missiles (Leto and Artemis), their cooldowns could be the same, allowing one of them to get past your defense drone.

Mod compatibility
-New weapons are added to weapon lists with advanced tags from SMM. While this allows the mod to be loaded after something like CE, it won't really produce the intended result since the odds for weapon selection, and probably graphics, will be out of whack.

Modding notes:
- SLOW_{weapon} increases cooldown by 1. FAST_{weapon} decreases cooldown by 1.
- In vanilla FTL, Slugs have BOMB_BREACH in their weapon list. This weapon does not exist. I did create a SLOW_ and FAST_ version of BOMB_BREACH_1, but since it isn't actually on the list, I added the non-existent SLOW_ and FAST_ version of BOMB_BREACH to the list. I expect the game to handle them the same way it handles the non-existent BOMB_BREACH.

FTL, Slipstream, and Notepad

Re: [MOD] Enemy Weapons - Unpredictable for FTL 1.03.3

Posted: Wed Mar 05, 2014 2:30 pm
by Knightmarez
Although i get what you are doing with the mod, i feel that this will make balance a bit unstable, and also the AI having weapons shoot simultaneously was always sort my book. It was like they had a good captain for a change.

Re: [MOD] Enemy Weapons - Unpredictable for FTL 1.5.13

Posted: Wed Jun 18, 2014 9:51 pm
by RAD-82
Updated for AE!

Hmm... Will that Vulcan be slow enough that I can handle it, or will it rip me to shreds even faster? :|

I haven't tested it in the game. I just made sure that Slipstream agreed with the file. :roll: I have no reason to think it won't work, since the previous version worked.

Re: [MOD] Enemy Weapons - Unpredictable for FTL 1.5.13

Posted: Thu Jun 19, 2014 4:34 am
by Mommothazaz123
RAD-82 wrote:
Hmm... Will that Vulcan be slow enough that I can handle it, or will it rip me to shreds even faster? :|



Does it fire every .1 seconds if it's fast and fully charged?