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[Ship] The Hulk vAE.1

Posted: Mon Feb 10, 2014 8:30 pm
by RAD-82

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MediaFire Download Link AE.1 - Replaces Rock-A

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Initial release of 1.0:
-Nothing worthy of note

Update for AE.1:
-Updated for AE compatibility

This is a Rock prison ship, slightly inspired by the doorless rooms from The Derelict by Lemmonade. It may be seen as a modified Shivan, except you have two less starting crew, lower oxygen system, airlocks, and two extra starting systems in doors and the teleporter. There isn't really anything else special about this ship.

I mixed the gibs from the two Rock cruisers and tried my best to add the lights from the Shivan onto the Bulwark parts. I really hate glowing lights that mix into the image; makes it harder to mess with colors.

This is a challenge ship. What is the challenge? See how many prisoners you can trap in your cells. The challenge of this? You can't upgrade your ship because the game will consider those prisoners as hostile boarders. I wonder if anybody could be lucky enough to get all 20 tiles filled... :lol:

Credits: (Credit information not updated for AE, because I know how to do room layouts now.)
Not Superluminal this time. I modified the floor and rooms from the Shivan using Notepad. If I had access to Superluminal at the time I started planning this ship, I would have had more rooms in the back of the ship. The rooms aren't there now because it would've messed with offsets or some other thing if I tried to do that blindly. Then I really would've needed Superluminal to fix the position of things for me. I haven't figured that stuff out yet.
Slipstream is good for giving credits to.
I'd also like to credit Notepad and my image editing program, Jasc Paint Shop Pro 7.
Of course, FTL gets credit for the resources it provides.

Re: [Ship] The Hulk (Rock Prison Ship)

Posted: Wed Feb 26, 2014 9:35 pm
by RAD-82
I'm surprised MediaFire still says zero downloads. Do people really not like this ship?

I gave it a run today. My first prisoners.


However, I wasn't ready to collect them yet, so I breached them out of the room. I didn't get anymore prisoners until near the end of sector 7, and I kept them all the way to the end. My flagship fight was a zero hull damage fight. :)


I'm surprised I didn't have many boarders this run. I also forgot that when you have prisoners, you have to destroy all ships, since the enemy crews will never be registered as dead.

Even though I won, I think I want to give one Zoltan (and minus one power) to the starting crew when I update for AE.

Re: [Ship] The Hulk (Rock Prison Ship)

Posted: Thu Feb 27, 2014 12:17 pm
by Russian Rockman
I really like the concept of this ship. I also like that it can be considered a "challenge" ship. If no one has downloaded your ship its probably because FTL is kind of "dead" right now, :( not because your ship isn't good enough. On youtube the only person Let's Playing FTL anymore is Biohazard.

I do kind of wish this ship didn't have so many "bugs" though because it would also be good as not a challenge ship. You can't repair breaches or fires in the cells and it would be nice to be able to upgrade and not have to kill ships without also killing your "prisoners." Don't know a way around of that right now though.

Your ship is very thematic though, it could be good for an enemy ship as well. I'm thinking of an event in CE where there is a Rock prison barge.

Re: [Ship] The Hulk vAE.1

Posted: Wed Apr 16, 2014 6:48 pm
by RAD-82
Updated for Advanced Edition!

Really not much to say about this. It was a simple ship, and didn't really require much work to update. Apparently, I considered adding a Zoltan, but forgot about it. It isn't really needed.