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[SHIP] The Crimson Lady & Ol' Triggernaut (3.0)

Posted: Thu Jan 16, 2014 3:12 pm
by TaxiService

The Crimson Lady (Heavy Freighter)
An old ship formerly used by smugglers to transport illicit goods. Has stood inactive for years.

Code: Select all

Included Systems/Subsystems:
 Engines: •••  (3)
Cloaking: •    (1)
 Weapons: •••• (4)
  Medbay: •    (1)
  Oxygen: •    (1)
   Pilot: •    (1)
   Doors: •    (1)
 Sensors: •    (1)

Starting equipment:
- Plasma cannon
- Basic laser x2
- FTL Recharge Booster

Starting crew: 1 Human, 1 Engi, 1 Zoltan, 1 Rock.

Ship informations:
       Hull: 30
  Sys Power: 9
Max weapons: 3
 Max drones: 3


The Ol' Triggernaut (Heavy Asteroid Miner)
A seasoned ship that has been extensively used to extract resources from asteroids. Has been in service for years.

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Included Systems/Subsystems:
 Engines: ••   (2)
 Shields: ••   (2)
 Weapons: •••  (3)
  Medbay: •    (1)
  Oxygen: •    (1)
   Pilot: •    (1)
   Doors: •    (1)
 Sensors: •    (1)

Starting equipment:
- Mining Laser
- Small Bomb
- Scrap Recovery Arm

Starting crew: 1 Human, 1 Engi, 1 Rock.

Ship informations:
       Hull: 30
  Sys Power: 8
   Missiles: 10
Max weapons: 4
 Max drones: 2

Room layouts:


Weapon information:


Additional information:

The hull's design was inspired by the Ebon Hawk, a ship from Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic and its sequel.
The Plasma Cannon's firing sounds have been extracted from Halo: Combat Evolved.


- Short video showing cloaking, gibs and how the plasma cannon works!

- Frumple's run with a previous (and heavily bugged :​P) version of the Crimson Lady.
Also featuring: me going mad over the bugs and problems :V

- Watch slowriderxcorps as he beats the boss in under 3 minutes! (minor visual bugs present in this version too)

Download The Crimson Lady and The Ol' Triggernaut
(Replaces both Stealth Cruisers)

- You need Slipstream Mod Manager to install the mod.
- You can use a Savegame Editor to edit your savegame and unlock the needed ships. (Remember to backup your savegames!)

Special Thanks to:
- DryEagle and English Narwhal for all the tips and inspiration they gave me in the IRC channel. They are truly awesome humans, and my ships wouldn't be as good looking without their inputs. : )
- A HUGE thank you to slowriderxcorps for helping me balance everything out and playtesting the ships while doing so. These ships are complete thanks to him.
- Frumple for his sweet run with a crappy version of my ship! : P
- Everyone else in #ftlgame that has helped me with their feedback and thoughts.

- Fixed more graphical bugs..!
- Added a door to the left of the oxygen room in the Ol' Triggernaut.
- The Mining Beam now has a 27s cooldown and can charge up to 2 times, losing 5 seconds with each charge.
- Fixed problematic door links in the Ol' Triggernaut. (i think...)
- New floor images for both ships that fit more with the original game style.
- If there's anything else, i forgot. :V

3.0 - download
- Fixed all the graphical bugs. (hopefully)
- Lowered selling cost of Plasma Cannon and Mining Beam
- Lowered Mining Beam's breach chance from 40% to 15%. (i didn't realize that it was per tile)
+ The Crimson Lady:
--- The teleporter doesn't connect directly to the medbay anymore.
--- Removed drone control from starting setup.
+ The Ol' Triggernaut:
--- It now starts with shields.
--- Removed one Rockman.
--- Lowered starting engines from 3 to 2.
--- Removed drone control from starting setup.
- More stuff, but i don't remember. : (

2.1 - download
- Bug fixes:
-- fixed cloak images being off.
-- fixed plasma cannon requiring 0 power to operate.
- Removed drone control from The Crimson Lady.
- Tweaked selling price of custom weapons.
- Link in the mod's metadata now brings you here instead of rickrolling you. Sorry about that.

- Added the Ol' Triggernaut to the pack.
- Fixed computer glow images being swapped.
- Minor modifications to the ship's glow.

1.1 - download
- Added cloaking to starting layout.
- Added 3/10 fire chance to the Plasma Cannon.

1.0 - download
- Initial release.

Let me know of problems and bugs if you find any! Thanks! : )

To be done: update the video to include the Mining Laser firing sequence.

Re: [SHIP] The Crimson Lady (1.0)

Posted: Thu Jan 16, 2014 3:21 pm
by English Narwhal
This mod is pretty awesome looking. :D

Re: [SHIP] The Crimson Lady (1.0)

Posted: Thu Jan 16, 2014 4:09 pm
by UltraMantis
Gorgeous looking. Nicely presented as well. Can't wait to play it.

EDIT - If you're having video recording issues you could try Gregion. Bit of a handfull to set up but works surprisingly well.

Re: [SHIP] The Crimson Lady (1.0)

Posted: Thu Jan 16, 2014 7:02 pm
by TaxiService
Thankyee! ◠‿◠

@Ultramantis: Thanks for the link! But i was able to make it work simply by trying to record again. This was my problem: the recording looked as if everything was shifted half a pixel diagonally, all the lines looked blurred and i don't understand what caused it. I saved that program up though, just in case! : )

So yeah, video is up now.

Re: [SHIP] The Crimson Lady (1.0)

Posted: Thu Jan 16, 2014 7:33 pm
by DryEagle
this here fella makes pretty hulls

Re: [SHIP] The Crimson Lady (1.0)

Posted: Thu Jan 16, 2014 8:36 pm
by R4V3-0N
So we got Lemmonade and TaxiService with awesome hulls and both came at a similar time.

We have been blessed with wonderful hulls.

Re: [SHIP] The Crimson Lady (1.0)

Posted: Fri Jan 17, 2014 12:08 am
by ArmedKevin117
I like the idea, and the hull looks good, but I'd make two suggestions:
1. A smuggling ship really should have a cloaking device.
2. The plasma cannon is a bit bland. Maybe consider spicing it up with system damage or a fire chance.

Re: [SHIP] The Crimson Lady (1.0)

Posted: Fri Jan 17, 2014 12:48 am
by TaxiService
Hmm. I agree about the cloak. And yeah, spicing up the plasma cannon would be a good idea actually. I made it thinking about Halo 1 plasma pistols, which when overcharged would release a shot that would act as an EMP, so that's why I didn't think about adding more effects to it. : |

You know what, i'll add a cloak and some fire chance to the PC. I am reluctant to add system damage to it because it is already quite an OP weapon, being some sort of copy of the heavy ion that requires less power to operate. : P Updating...

EDIT: updated to 1.1. Now the ship starts with cloaking system installed, one more reactor power and the plasma cannon has 3/10 fire chance.

Re: [SHIP] The Crimson Lady (1.1)

Posted: Fri Jan 17, 2014 2:00 am
by ArmedKevin117
Looking good. Maybe give it an FTL booster?

Re: [SHIP] The Crimson Lady (1.1)

Posted: Fri Jan 17, 2014 3:09 am
by TaxiService
It already has one.