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Re: [Ship] Frankenstein vAE.1

Posted: Tue Apr 22, 2014 7:44 pm
by RAD-82
Added video link to first post:

ZippyDragon previews another one of my mods; Space Turtles wasn't enough. I wonder how many people fail to read the first post, then get disappointed when the teleporter doesn't teleport more than 4 crew? :roll: How many people do read it, and still get disappointed when it won't teleport more than 4 crew? :lol:

MediaFire claims this to be my most downloaded mod, but I think I've noticed in the past that it doesn't actually need to be downloaded to increase the counter; it just needs the link page to be visited. That observation was about 2 years ago, though, so it might've changed since then.

Before AE, the starting event gave you Victor in one event, then 6 randomly named crewmembers in the next event. My first test in AE, those extra crew all had the same name, so I split them up into individual events and called the tip textList for those boarding events and gave an additional Engi. AE allowed me to give them starting skills, so that was nice. I'm quite sure I went overboard with the starting event. It pretty much just wastes time.

Reminder: The Advanced Hacking System says it pierces 2 shields, but it doesn't. It only pierces 1 shield, as intended. It's a strange game mechanic where if the beam doesn't do normal damage, it doesn't pierce properly.

Re: [Ship] Frankenstein vAE.1

Posted: Mon Sep 22, 2014 6:20 am
by RAD-82
Added video link to first post:

This one is a short video, by L O U I E.

He didn't use the Universal Starting Beacon, so he had no offensive capabilities. It also caused a lack of fixing power, so escaping that first encounter was going to be difficult.

Please remember the USB* when using this ship. The link to it is in the first post.

*USB not required with Infinite Space 0.5.A3, as it is built into it to accommodate the Infinite Space starting conditions. For some reason, I didn't feel like making that version of Infinite Space require the USB when I updated it.

Re: [Ship] Frankenstein vAE.1.3

Posted: Fri May 26, 2017 3:30 pm
by RAD-82
I've updated this piece of junk.

If you want more weapon slots, there is now a Type B and C, but you lose drone slots for them.
If you want more systems, you can now buy broken system parts at stores. Your Engi will use themselves to fix and install them. You can even build your own Engi out of the broken system parts.

Thanks to Biohazard063 for testing this update for me.